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Welcome to the 3rd edition of the FAB@50 Newsletter.

This will be the place to discover how to look and feel younger, more sexy, and FAB

Your best YOU will emerge!

Each month we’ll focus on one or more of the BIG 5:

  • Health
  • Money
  • Love/Relationships
  • Career
  • Spirituality

JB Health Coach’s Guide to Giving Thanks:

Identifying the people and experiences we appreciate in a gratitude journal, either by hand or electronically, will encourage us to identify who and what is important in our lives and why. Here are a few strategies that will maximize the benefits of being Thankful:

1. Write Consistently

Writing every day might be a stretch, but once or twice a week is enough to boost happiness

 2. Write Without Rules:

Don’t worry about grammar or spelling.  This is your journal, for your eyes only

 3. Go For Quality, Not Quantity:

Really savor what you appreciate about each person in your life, and keep your journal from becoming simply a list of nice thoughts.  Reflect on how events in your life have molded your life.  Even if the event was negative, think of the positive intention it now holds on your life. (How has it changed you for the better?)

 4. Be Curious About Gratitude:

When we notice kindness and other gifts that benefit us, our brains become wired to seek out the positives in any situation, even dire ones. As a result, being thankful makes us more resilient at bouncing back from loss or trauma. Also, when people appreciate the goodness they’ve received, they feel compelled to give back. It’s easy to forget this in our busy and distracted lives – when you disconnect from others, you run the risk of becoming lonely or self-entitled.

 5. Remember to be Grateful for Your Partner, Even When Difficult;

Those who feel more appreciated by their partner are more likely to appreciate their partner in return, and to remain in the relationship longer compared with couples who don’t feel appreciated. Gratitude can rewire our brains to appreciate the things that are going well in our relationship.  It can calm down the nervous system and counter the fight-or-flight stress response. When appreciation is expressed, it triggers a biological response in the recipient’s brain, including a serge of the dopamine (the feel-good chemical).

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FAB@50 Mindfulness Tour

Jan 12-15, 2017 at the Living Skies Retreat and Conference Centre Diana Bye (Yoga and Meditation Teacher), and I are extremely excited to provide you with a few details about the agenda for this retreat.

This AWE-Inclusive Retreat will be fun and life-altering, and is a great way to kick-start your 2017.

Thursday Jan 12, 2017 7:00 PM

Registration, Meet & Greet, Gentle Yoga & Intention Setting, Mindfulness Session: What do you Desire?

Friday Jan 13

Yoga, Snow Shoeing, Mindfulness Session:

  • Healthy Eats & Tweeks, Goals Setting, Pleasure in Movement, Guilty Pleasures, Glitter Dance Party

Saturday Jan 14

Yoga, Cross Country Skiing, Mindfulness Session:

  • Burning More Fat, Breathing, Decreased Stress, Wheel of Life, & Stopping Sabotage, Guilty Pleasures, Pillowtalk PJ Party & Movie Night

Sunday Jan 15

Yoga, Be Fearless Lecture, Mindfulness Session:

  • Celebrate Your New Baseline & Future Goals

Spaces are Limited. Register with a friend and receive $100 off.

Join us tonight (Oct 28, 8:00 pm) on FaceBook Live for more information To SAVE Your spot today, CLICK HERE.

JB Health Coach Janice Burgess BSP, Certified Health Coach, Quit Smoking Coach

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