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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the FAB@50 Newsletter. This will be the place to discover how to look and feel younger, more sexy, and FAB Your best YOU will emerge! Each month we’ll focus on one or more of the BIG 5:

Health Money Love/Relationships Career Spirituality JB

Consider scheduling a FREE FAB@50 Breakthrough session. It just takes 45 to 60 minutes. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • we’ll uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from Feeling Fabulous
  • we’ll develop a powerful vision for what FAB@50 looks like for you we’ll discover which foods and
  • we’ll get crystal clear on a stepbystep plan for feeling FAB in 90 days or less!

JB Health Coach’s Guide to Better Z’s

Sleep is the best form of meditation, but millions of women in Canada suffer from some sort of sleep disorder or disrupted sleeps. Here are some tips to get you in the sleep zone:

  1.        See the Light of Day: Spend more time outdoors in natural light. Too much artificial light throws off the body’s circadian biological clock, which regulates sleep and wakefulness. Blue light emanating from screens and energy efficient bulbs are especially harmful, strongly suppressing the secretion of melatonin.
  2.        Build a Better Ritual: If you go to bed later than 10 pm, try moving your bedtime earlier by 15 minutes a week. According to Ayurveda, between 6 to 10 pm is kapha time which is characterized by a heaviness, or sluggish feeling and so it’s quite
    natural to go to sleep by 10 pm, and power down by 9 pm. Take a warm shower or bath and experiment with aromatherapy (Lavender & Chamomile). Try some yoga (child’s pose), or stretching . Most importantly, TURN OFF YOUR BRAIN – Power down everything by 9 pm. If you’re working or stressed in the evening you will have higher levels of cortisol which can affect sleep.
  3.        No Judging – Just Curiosity: Tune in to your sleepiness when it’s present during the day, rather than fight it off with five-hour-energy drinks, and risk developing a negative association with it, make a deal with it. “Listen, I really appreciate you coming but can you come back later tonight?”
  4.        Have More Fun: There is a strong relationship between the heights of your passion during the day, and your ability to sleep soundly at night. The more fulfilled you are, the more you feel that you have met your goals, the more awake you are, the more energy you burn during the day and the deeper you will sleep at night.
  5.        Get Grounded: Get back to nature for 10 to 20 minutes a day. This helps with anxiety and depression and ultimately insomnia. Try gardening, or walking barefoot when it’s warmer out. Hiking or biking is also great – get any form of exercise. Be curious about how this effects your sleeps and if you are sedentary, it just might be why you are tossing and turning
    all night.

FAB@50 Mindfulness Tour 2017 Jan 12-15, 2017

Build a Powerful Vision of What you Want for your Life, and leave with the tactics and tools to make it happen. This is an all-inclusive, soul encompassing retreat. You’ll Spend 3 glorious nights in the beautiful Lumsden Valley, Living, Laughing and Learning alongside other FAB@50 Women.

Imagine standing at the edge of the Lumsden Valley. You breath in the crisp winter air, and you feel like you’ve been dropped into a real-life winter wonderland where you will enjoy cross country skiing, snow shoeing. yoga and sparkly dance parties, and take part in transformational mindfulness sessions. You suddenly realize just how fun and life-changing this weekend is going to be. You’ve come to Lumsden to reset your life and kickstart 2017…….. but you’ll return home with a new plan for how to look and feel FABulous, This will literally change your life!

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