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I’m Janice Burgess, but you can call me JB.

I am here to do the BIG Work – The really fun, super exciting, sometimes scary, deep shit that will change your life forever.

I’m here to take you places you never knew existed or thought possible. I serve powerfully with love, honesty, insight and passion.

I will hold you to a higher standard, because you deserve it, but you have to be willing to do the work.

I’m guessing you’re here because you no longer want to wait.

That’s great, because your transformation is the reason I wake up each day!

I don’t make promises.¬† I create breakthroughs. I help you zap your old beliefs, and guide you through building¬†new realities.

I guide you through the process of uncovering ALL of you, because I trust that your brilliant beautiful subconscious mind has all the answers.

Your Friend & Coach,

Janice (JB)


Janice Burgess
Coach, Consultant, RTT Practitioner,
Clinical Pharmacist

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