Ditch the New Year Resolution!

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You heard me.  The weird thing about a New Year Resolution is that it is created from the thought that something is wrong with your life.  It comes from a place of problems.  So how can you move through it with a positive outlook?  It’s impossible.

Diana Bye, Yoga and Mediation Teacher Extraordinaire, and I believe that in 2017 we should all start from a SOLUTION Place.  We should adopt a positive mantra, or way to be that helps us create the most amazing 2017 we could ever imagine.  Almost like we are already there and have achieved whatever we have set out to do – it’s just the way we are.

Choose to be more active, or more loving, or to eat healthier but frame it like you already are:

ie:  I am active,  I am loving, I am nourishing my body, I am braver.  You get the idea!

Here’s what Diana and I know for sure:

  1. Clearing negative thoughts and tasks from your life is an inside job.  It starts and ends with you.
  2. Clearing is a mindset thing. It’s not something you squeeze into your day or life – it’s a way of life and a journey.  It’s not about getting rid of things in your life, but rather letting go of things that are keeping you stuck.
  3. Clearing requires you to Slow Down.  Our world is happening at a crazy pace, and there is no way to keep up.  Slowing down on a daily, or at least regular basis will help you to nourish your soul and tap into your inner intuition.

The Journey that is the FAB@50 Mindfulness Tour will provide you with the ability to clear, and Diana and I will encourage you to find your positive way to be in 2017. This retreat promises to provide transformational and lasting change. It’s just around the corner though (Jan 12 – 15, 2017 out at the Living Sky Retreat and Conference center in the beautiful Lumsden Valley), and so don’t delay securing your spot today!  We have a few spots left, and some amazing women are already confirmed and set to join us.  Register by Jan 6 to receive your ticket.

– JB Health Coach


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