Be the Master of your mind;
Quit Smoking with RTT

Be the Master of Your Mind; Quit Smoking with RTT

Don’t wait, unlock the subconscious power to stop smoking now

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Hi! I’m Janice Burgess, but you can call me JB. I am a Clinical Pharmacist and an RTT Practitioner. How would you like instant access to my RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) Hypno Recording to stop smoking? You’ll immediately start thinking differently about your smoking, and effortlessly quit without cravings or withdrawal symptoms AND you won’t feel the need to replace the smoking with anything else.


Start Living The Life You Want!
With Rapid Transformational Therapy

What is RTT?

RTT is a type of hypnotherapy where we get right to the why, where, when and how of the issue you are experiencing and resolve it quickly.  You’ll receive instant access to a hypnotherapy recording designed specifically for you! It’s effective and safe and guaranteed to work.

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Transform Your Life with RTT

This service offers a digital RTT recording designed to help individuals effortlessly quit smoking


The recording utilizes techniques from Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to reframe the way individuals think about smoking and overcome addiction


It aims to address the psychological aspects of smoking addiction, helping users break free from habit without experiencing cravings or withdrawal symptoms


The recording is accessible online, providing convenience and flexibility for users to undergo the therapy at their own pace and in the comfort of their own space


Key features include guided hypnosis sessions, visualization exercises, positive affirmations, and subconscious reprogramming techniques


The service promises long-term results, enabling users to quit smoking permanently and live healthier lives

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How Do I Know if RTT is Right for me?


” I feel stuck “– everything you need to grow is at your fingertips, but you feel stuck.  You know what you desire for your life, but you’re in limbo wishing it would just happen and wanting it to be easy. You find yourself worrying about where to start and that keeps you from actually starting.


” I feel unhappy”– You want to feel excited about achieving your goals, you want to be healthy, you want more confidence and courage, you want inner peace with who you are and what you believe in, and most of all you want success AND freedom from smoking.


” I don’t know what to do “– You are terrified of going backwards, yet worried about the future, afraid you might not ever have what you want, and the fear of making a mistake or failing keeps you trying to figure things out on your own, but nothing changes and you don’t know what to do differently.


” I feel so much pressure”– You’ve got a lot on the line, and you’re tired of waiting for results. The thoughts and doubts in your head are driving you nuts. You need things to change, like yesterday… It’s too exhausting to continue on in exactly the same way and expect things to be different. You know they won’t be. One thing is clear however and that is it’s time for change.



OVERCOME ADDICTION: Experience transformative hypnotherapy, freeing you from nicotine's grip forever.


END WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS: Seamlessly quit smoking without suffering the usual cravings or withdrawal – it's quitting made surprisingly comfortable.


EMPOWER SELF IMPROVEMENT: Ignite your deepest desires for personal excellence; our support catalyzes your transformative journey.


ENHANCE WELLBEING: Elevate your whole self into a healthier lifestyle, breathing vitality into every day post-smoking.


SUSTAINED FREEDOM: Relish in your newfound freedom as you maintain a smoke-free life with ease.


BOOST CONFIDENCE: Become more confident as you conquer your addiction


REDUCE HEALTH RISKS: Significantly cut down the health risks associated with smoking, paving the way for longevity.

Reviews About RTT Session

I feel my session helped me identify some key factors and understand a bit deeper the whys behind my actions


JB’s RTT session is very calming and grounding. I feel the truth in the words

Tessia J

When going through the course, I realized I had never been aware of how I was feeling and what were the triggers that caused me to smoke.I never would’ve been here and now here we are. I am so grateful to you.

Cedric E


RTT Hypnotherapy Recording


Uncover why you smoke, why you are stuck in the no-quitting zone, and what to do about it. You’ll quit smoking forever, with little to no cravings or withdrawal, and feel really great at the same time! Unheard of, right? Well not with me as your quit smoking guide!

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The experience feels different for different people. Some feel a floating sensation, or feel sleepy. Others do not. Most people feel very relaxed. RTT is deep relaxation. What is important is that how you feel isn’t an indicator of how effective the session is. It really works, I Promise!

Recordings are about 30 minutes long.  It is recommended that you listen to the recording once a day for 21 days to seal in your “new” way of thinking and being. Just know you will feel amazing afterwards.

Hypnosis is based on science and it works by creating a burst of brain waves that are the same as when you are in REM. The REM is what allows us to chat with your subconscious mind.

Don’t worry about how deep you go, or whether you feel hypnotized or not. The depth of the trance is not linked to results and you are in very good hands, so if it seems like you need a little more help, you can simply reach out to me at  

Great! That’s what makes RTT so amazing, because even if you think you know the reason why you smoke, you see it in a completely new way. That’s what allows you to change the meaning and ultimately change those beliefs. Your subconscious mind will show you exactly what you need to see.

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