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Tweak Your Eats 5 Day FB Challenge:

TWEAK YOUR EATS is a FREE AWE-Inclusive, Soul Encompassing, Life Changing 5 DAY Challenge created to show women how to feel young, sexy and alive without crazy, restrictive diets, tons of supplements, or intensive workouts.

Janice & Lisa will show you how to manage sugar cravings, cleanse junk-food from your diet, squash stress, and reset your relationship with food using simple and effective tweaks that really work.

Launching Oct 1 to 5, 2018

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Do You Eat Your Feelings?

The emotional connection to food is something all of us experience. In fact, eating for emotional reasons is normal and even healthy. Eating can be a powerful way to experience pleasure, nourishment, and connection to others, however, it can also be a way to deal with stress, or emotions (both good and bad).

post-placeholderUncover what type of Eater You Are:

Instinctive Eater –

Your primary reason for eating is your need for fuel. You simply don’t think about food or eating very much unless you are hungry. You don’t obsess over food, because you don’t need to. Instead, you trust your body to let you know when it’s time to eat.

There are always improvements that can be made in the quality of food or physical activity patterns

Overeater –

You will eat when you’re hungry but also when you are not hungry, or you may eat past the point of contentment. External cues such as mealtimes, appetizing food, socializing, stress, boredom, and other emotions may lead you to eat even when you are not hungry. Because you eat food your body didn’t ask for, it has no choice but to store the extra fuel. The pleasure and distraction the food provides are only temporary and so you have to eat again to feel better. You are missing out on what you really need.

Uncover what you really need, and learn how to trust your gut – literally

Restrictive Eater –

In an effort to control your weight and health with diets and rules, you restrict what you can eat. You think of food as either good or bad, and you also might think of yourself as good or bad based on what you have eaten. Portion sizes, calories, or grams and the number on the scale control your thoughts around food, and you feel bad about yourself when you are unable to follow the rules.

Feel surprised about new ways you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of eating instinctively and learn to trust yourself to balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment*

Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycler –

You possess both overeating and restrictive patterns and cycle through yo-yo diets without ever addressing why you’re eating in the first place. Eventually, you just get worn out. It is exhausting to think about food every minute of the day.

“It’s time to take control of your relationship with food. Learn new ways to end the cycle*

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