Finally, I had an AHA moment. I had been living to eat, rather than eating to live.

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What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching provides the right system, the right support and the right accountability to help transform your health, your body, and your life for good!  If what you’ve been doing is no longer working, and your looking for something greater to get you to where you want to be, then health coaching is the perfect solution for you.   Health Coaching aligns with your goals – it is the right system, the right support, and the right accountability.

JB Health Coach (Master of Change)…..

Also known as Janice Burgess BSP, Certified Health Coach, Clinical Pharmacist, Quit Smoking Coach,  Wife to an awesome guy named Brian, and Mother to two amazing adult sons, and a very lovable golden retriever named Gunner. Janice has a wonderful life, however she has struggled with feeling unattractive and overweight for at least ten years.

Until just recently,  I hated how I looked in my clothes.  I would walk into my closet and try on several things but was never able to completely hide the belly bulge and excess weight I was carrying around. I had tried several diet and exercise plans without long-lasting results. I felt ugly and discouraged and had given up on ever feeling or looking FABulous. It just seemed too difficult.

Finally, I had an AHA moment.  I had been living to eat, rather than eating to live.

 “WOW!! This was mind-blowing for me, and in fact I wondered why I had not realized this before. Food was something that I loved, but I loved it because it meant that I was entertaining friends and family, which I love to do.  It meant excess – excess food, and excess eating disguised as spending time with the people I love.  Once I realized my relationship to food, and my body, I was able to make lasting changes that have helped me reach my goals. I still have more work to do, but I am on track and now it feels like I might just succeed.”

Clinical Pharmacist


Janice has been a pharmacist for over 20 years and although she understands the importance of appropriate drug therapy to treat illness and disease, her goal is to help people reduce or eliminate some of their drug therapies whenever possible.  ” I would love to see people using less medications, not more.  Imagine a world where illness and disease are eliminated through movement, eating high energy foods, and embracing a healthy lifestyle.  I care about my clients and wish that for each and every one of them.”

JB Quit Coach

Janice has over ten years experience assisting clients to quit tobacco for good.  “I assist people with the creation of a personalized quit plan – a plan that will work for them. We review strategies that will increase success, and then the plan is launched.”

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