How To "Water"

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How Much Water?

Drink between 64 ounces or 0.67% of your body weight (ex: 150lbs x .67% = 100 oz.anywhere between 64 and 100 ounces/day). Other things to consider are how much water you were drinking before Fab@50 Program, level of activity (sweating), daily  caffeine or alcohol intake (replace 1 for 1), temperature where you live.

How Much Is Enough?

Urine should be on the light yellow side, and abundant (If urine is dark and minimal then you are likely not drinking enough). Expect to empty the bladder every 2 to 3 hours (Going constantly=too much water).

“I Don’t LIke the Taste”

Add the following to improve the taste:

  • lemon, lime, cucumber, orange, mint leaves, herbal tea
  • serve water in a most fabulous drinking glass or goblet
  • drink water hot or cold


Drink 20 oz of water first thing in the morning. Rehydrating the body and brain will lead to mental clarity and better
energy. Keep a pitcher of water in your fridge at home or near your workspace with the total amount of water you are scheduled to drink each day.

This will make it easier to track your intake. Drink 8 oz of water before exercising/movement and sip water during exercise. If you have digestive issues, drink most of your water between meals.

Should I Filter?

If filtering your water is not an option, let drinking water stand at room temperature for an hour or more, which will reduce the chlorine. Filtering water will improve the taste, and smell and will remove the chlorine and other contaminants. JB Health Coach recommends the Kangen Water Filtration System, and can provide you with more information.

Consider using a stainless bottle, like Hydro Flask or Klean. If you are buying bottled water, please recycle.


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